‘‘My life’s work is enveloped in Ta’leef and I’ve been honored and humbled to serve.’’

Founded by Usama Canon, we began as Zaytuna Institute’s Outreach program in 2002 and were born into an independent organization in 2005. At that time we did not have set goals or methodology, counseling or classes, and were called “Zawiya”.

In a collective effort, and out of an unwavering dedication to serving the youth, assisting newcomers to Islam and welcoming guests, we developed a clear mission, audience and set of programs. In 2009, we acquired our current space and launched officially as a registered 501c3 nonprofit with the name “Ta’leef Collective”. In 2010, a second chapter opened in Chicago, Illinois.

In addition to our community care and educational programs we offer a series of training courses and are grateful to foster the increasingly important conversation around community leadership, cultural relevance and overall sustainability.