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similar and human we all really are.”

Pastoral & Community Care Services

Ta’leef Academy provides a unique hands-on training experience, offering community care providers with the practical tools for a life of service. Formerly known as the Mu’allif Mentorship program (MMP), Ta’leef Academy consists of three specialization streams: Refining the Core, Caring for People, and Planting Intentional Community.

The program offers empowering, meaningful, and defining learning opportunities that awaken a sense of purpose, love, and confidence amongst trainees. We value authenticity, faith & tradition, and strive to embody a sense of fortitude, beauty, and substance in delivering high quality content.


Often, we try to help others and build community before we have done the personal work involved in preparing ourselves for the journey. The goal of Refining the Core is to inspire an honest exploration of the self through a week long intensive focused on heartwork. Heartwork means reflecting on the state of our hearts by considering how mindfulness, vulnerability, and gratitude build greater awareness and ultimately spiritual wellness. The program is delivered through discussions, storytelling, meditative practice, service based learning, and reflective writing.

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This bi-annual program for Ta’leef Academy Alumni consists of two weekend intensives and 6 weekly webinars, providing training on Ta’leef’s approach to mental health, integral wellness, and community care. Caring for People (CFP) will provide a combination of didactic and experiential learning, with direct access to instructors during both the in-person and webinar-style sessions.

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Via a consulting engagement with Ta’leef, the Planting Intentional Communities practice teaches teams how to build Ta’leef where they are. Topics include understanding community, de facto versus intentional community, modern families, child care versus programming for children, adult learning, the weekly gathering, sustainability and more. This is offered on a case-by-case basis, pairing experienced Ta’leef teachers and programs leaders with leadership teams at nonprofits, mosques and community centers.

Akbar Moinuddin

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