“If the youth are
not initiated into
the village, they will burn it down just to feel its warmth.”

Youth Leadership & Empowerment

Inheritors is a series of programmatic offerings for ages 13-18 years old to maximize Ta’leef’s impact as a positive force in the life of young people while working toward a sustainable community. We divide its offerings into three core components:
Inheritors’ Circle, Inheritors’ Retreat, and Inheritors’ Friday Night. Our goal is to provide a truly transformative experience for youth through building spiritual cultivation and emotional intelligence. In 2018, we completed our third year of Inheritors’ Circle, with a cohort of 17 exceptional high-school youth, committed to a year-long program focused on sacred knowledge, social agility and active leadership.


A unique summer camp with a focus on spiritual cultivation, emotional intelligence, and increasing social agility. In the space of a week, the “Inheritors” enjoy a transformative experience including sacred learning, mediation, team-building exercises and recreational activities.


A year-long program striving to create and sustain effective leaders who are able to serve both the Muslim and larger community. The Inheritors’ Circle works towards developing socially agile young leaders who are able to maintain a healthy understanding and practice of Islam. It is intentionally designed for youth between the ages of 13-18 years old residing in the Bay Area who are willing to commit to the entire program.


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